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  • Q
    What languages are available for testing?
  • We provide white box testing of source code written in C or C++ language
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    What operating systems do I need to run this software?
  • It is compatible with Windows and Linux.
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    What software must be installed in advance for installation?
  • JAVA11, Clang 8.0, Net Core 3.1, and Visual Studio (for Windows only) should be installed prior to installing COYOTE.
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    How is it different from a test automation tool or test framework?
  • Test automation tools (or test frameworks) generally require coding test cases and writing Asserts to verify test results. COYOTE automatically creates test cases in one click and inserts Asserts, all without coding. COYOTE first performs testing in a fully automatic manner and only uses coding when more sophisticated testing is required to improve low coverage.
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    What kinds of code coverage are provided?
  • The provided code coverages include line coverage, branch coverage, and MC/DC coverage.
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    What do I do if 100% code coverage is not reached using automatic testing?
  • Coverage figures may vary depending on the complexity of the source code and data structure. If the user does not reach the desired coverage value after performing automatic testing, user can use an advanced function to increase the coverage value.
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    What are some advanced features to improve coverage after performing automated testing?
  • COYOTE provides a UI for directly entering test cases for the function, where the user can modify or add driver codes. It also has features that enable users to modify or add stub codes of the called function.
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    How is the test result report provided?
  • The test reports are provided in .csv format. The report includes a summary of the coverage by project unit and a detailed list of automatically generated test cases.
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    How can I purchase product license?
  • There are two types of licenses: a standalone user license and a client-server user license, depending on the operating system and language. The client-server license is applicable when purchasing 10 or more user licenses.
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    Where can I get a product quote?
  • You may request for a quote through the customer support page on the website, or email, or call 02-859-2633.
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    What is your software support policy?
  • We offer free software support for 12 months after delivery. Paid service is provided after the free warranty period is expired. We provide system stabilization support, telephone response to operational failures, minor updates, and bug patches.
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    Do you provide training or testing services?
  • User training is provided upon delivery. Testing service or testing setup service is provided separately upon customer request.

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