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Hatter SCA

Open-source software management tool

Hatter SCA (Software Composition Analysis) is an automated toolset that identifies, analyzes, and manages open source software (OSS).

Identifying and listing all the parts and versions present in the code,
Hatter SCA helps you to manage open source software in a project.
It also provides information of open source licenses on various software components in an SBOM (Software Bill of Materials).

Hatter SCA with a function of generating a SBOM helps you to identify open source vulnerabilities and licenses, mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities, and establish a timely remediation. SCA is an effective approach to mitigating open source software security risks.

Key Features

Analysis Process

Register Project
Source Code Binary
License Information
Overall report

Why Hatter SCA?

We will be responsible for
software safety and security while putting
the highest priority on customer value