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Brand story

Beginning of secure software developmentCODEMIND

CODEMIND is an innovative software company founded by seasoned experts in program analysis and verification.
Building upon cutting-edge theories and professional experience, we will lead the field of software analysis and verification.
With our top-notch software analysis technology, experience the innovative transformation of technological advancements into a magical realization.



  • 04R&D Agreement of Ministry of Science and ICT
    National Security Technology Research Institute R&D Convention
  • 07COYOTE 4.0 Launch (C/C++)
  • 10Igloo Security Investment Attraction
  • 11First Export Performance Achieved (COYOTE 4.0)


  • 01Selected as a New Export Enterprise Support Project
  • 02COYOTE 2.0 Launch (C/C++ Linux)
  • 04CC Certification (CODEMIND 3.6 – IT Security Secretariat)
  • 06COYOTE 3.0 Launch (C/C++ Windows)
    Hyundai Motor Company COYOTE delivery
  • 08Procurement Registration (CODEMIND 3.6)


  • 02Industrial Cooperation Agreement with Korea University SW Analysing Lab
  • 03Contracted with Hyundai Mobis for Joint Development of SW Automatic verification tool
  • 07Patent Registration (Dynamic Symbol Execution Method Using Static Analysis)
    Patent Registration (Method and Device for Evaluating Static Analysis Tools)
  • 10COYOTE 1.0 Launch (C Windows)


  • 01ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • 02Korea Information Science Society Programming Language Research Association Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement
    Korea Aerospace University Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement
  • 06Selected as a Venture Startup Innovation Procurement Product
    Selected as an Excellent Product of Popular Product Brand in the Electronic Newspaper
    Selected as a Consumer Recommendation for Popular Products in Digital Times
  • 07Selected as a Pilot Purchase Project for Technology Development Products by Public Institutions
  • 08Selected as a Provider of Cloud Service Application Expansion Business
  • 11Selected as a Military Service Designated Company (Professional Researcher
  • 12Awarded Bronze at the Global SW Competition
    Awarded Excellence Award at the Software Quality Awards


  • 01GS Ceritification (CODEMIND Browser)
  • 06CODEMIND Developer Launch
    GS Ceritification (CODEMIND v1.5)
  • 08Patent Registration (On the Fly Static Analysis Method)
  • 10Procurement Registration (CODEMIND CSI)
    Innobiz Certification
    Awarded the Grand Prize for Digital Innovation
  • 11Awarded by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the Copyright Award
    Small Business Performance Certification


  • 04Private Kanto Investment Technology Development Agreement(Small Venture Business Center Administration, Naver
  • 06CODEMIND CSI Launch
  • 10National Intelligence Service CC certification(Recognized as Having the Largest Number of Detection Rules in Korea)
  • 12CODEMIND CQI launch


  • 06Technology Agreement with Korea University High Quality Convergence Software Research Center
  • 11Industry-Academia-Research Technology Development Agreement (Small Venture Business Administration, Korea Aerospace University)
  • 12Patent Registration (Information leakage Analysis Method)


  • 01Technical Agreement with Seoul National University Zero Defect Software Research Center
  • 05SW Business Registration
  • 08Registration of the Establishment of an Affiliated Research Institute


  • 09Corporation Establishment
  • 10Venture Business Certification


  • Certificate of Software Quality
  • Certificate of Software Quality
  • CC Certification
  • Performance Certification
  • Certificate of Small and Medium Business
  • Certificate of Venture Business
  • Certificate of Authorized Research and Development Center
  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • Public Procurement Service Venture Country Certificate
  • Patent No.10-1573871
  • Patent No.10-1767481
  • Patent No.10-1996879
  • Patent No.10-1996878
  • Excellent Quality SW Prize
  • Security SW Award
  • Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement with Korea Aerospace University
  • Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement with Korea University
  • Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement with Korea Information Science Society
  • Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement with Seoul National University
  • eGovernment Standard Framework Compatibility Certificate

We will be responsible for
software safety and security while putting
the highest priority on customer value