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CodeMind CSI/CQI

Static Application Security Testing Tool

Our static application security testing tool identifies the root cause of vulnerabilities hidden in the software source code and detects runtime errors in advance.

Developed with a cutting-edge technology that finds all execution paths without having to running your software, CodeMind CSI/CQI is an essential tool to keep your software safe and secure.

CodeMind CSI/CQI helps you identify security weaknesses and find and fix execution errors hidden in the software source code in advance. Utilizing the latest static analysis technology to find defects in all execution paths without executing the software, it helps you to maintain the high quality and security of the software you develop.

Finance, Medical service Government, Military, Public service Electricity, Communication Automobiles, Trains, Aviation, Habors Software companies

Key Features


  • Support configuration management system such as SVN
  • Support analysis of user-uploaded files
  • Web-based management system
  • Authority management of administrator, developer, and user
  • Automated and manual analysis control


  • Execution error detection
  • Defective code detection
  • Apply the latest summary analysis framework
  • Optimized value analysis engine
  • The highest performance memory analysis engine
  • High-speed interprocedural analysis
  • High-speed execution based on machine learning techniques
  • Tunable speed-accuracy trade-off

Major rules of CODEMIND CSI
(Secure Coding Inspection)

  • SQL Injection
  • Resource Injection
  • Cross-site Script
  • OS Command Injection
  • LDAP Injection
  • Cross-site Request Forgery
  • Relative/Absolute Path Traversal
  • Integer Overflow
  • Weak Encryption
  • Hard-coded Password
  • Null Pointer Dereference
  • Data Leak between Sessions
  • Information Leak of System Data
  • Improper Resource Shutdown/Release
  • API abuse

Major rules of CODEMIND CQI
(Code Quality Inspection)

  • Buffer Overrun/Underrun
  • Use after Free
  • Unused Value
  • Unreachable Code
  • Incorrect Numeric Casting
  • Uninitialized Variable
  • Type Overrun/Underrun
  • Null Pointer Dereference
  • Memory Leak
  • Double Free
  • Divide by Zero
  • Return Pointer to Local
  • Null Check after Dereference
  • Mismatched Memory Management

Why CodeMind CSI/CQI?

Enhanced security

Ensures increased safety and security by detecting security weaknesses in advance

Improved code quality

Covers exhaustively exploring every possible scenario, supplementing the limitations of dynamic analysis

Reduced development cost

Reduces significant cost, time and resources required for development and defect detection and correction

Improved customer experience

Ensures your software reliability by proactively preparing for possible issues caused by software defects

We will be responsible for
software safety and security while putting
the highest priority on customer value