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Phishing awareness training solution to elevate the security awareness of employees

D-MESS is a training solution that enables individuals to have improved security awareness and better judgement to prevent data leakage and security breaches through e-mails.

Main Functionality

Phishing Simulation Training System

Main Features

D-MESS generates and manages different types of malicious attachments that are designed to look genuine.


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Data leakage prevention

Protects against malicious codes sent through email messages

Promoted cybersecurity awareness

Educates employees about how phishing attacks work and how to avoid them by sending realistic phishing e-mail to them

Reasonable grounds for training

Measures the level of phishing awareness of employees and obtains the measurement data

Analysis for information protection

Obtains analyzed training results available for establishing future training plans

We will be responsible for
software safety and security while putting
the highest priority on customer value