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Intelligent Unit Testing Tool

Fully automated! Better coverage! Fexible setting!
Coyote C++ is an advanced intelligent tool, helping you to achieve excellence in software development.

Combining symbolic testing technology with machine learning technology, Coyote C++, a fully automated white box testing tool, delivers an amazing experience to users.

Coyote C++ revolutionizes white-box unit testing, completely performing the whole process of unit testing from test case creation to execution to analysis of result with just a click. If you get introduced Coyote C++, you will witness significant improvement in testing productivity by 3 to 6 times and reduction in testing cost.

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Main Features


Reduces the cost of software testing that accounts for almost 40-60% of the total development cost, increasing client satisfaction

Shortens development time by automatically creating and executing test cases and test harnesses at high speed

Ensures comprehensive, precise and meaningful test cases, streamlining the testing process and maximizing efficiency.

Establishes a structured test process and improves a QA process by automated unit testing

We will be responsible for
software safety and security while putting
the highest priority on customer value