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SQL Migration Solution

HANAcode is CODEMIND's migration tool to migrate Oracle SQL to HANA SQL. While there are many tools and solutions available for migrating databases, migrating SQL applications involves more than just moving the database.

HANAcode automatically converts Oracle SQL objects and rewrites them into HANA SQL by adapting the database objects, queries, and related code from Oracle's syntax and features to those supported by SAP HANA.

Automated migration from Oracle SQL to HANA SQL / Support for MyBatis / Editor for migration engineers

Main Features

Automatic Conversion and Load
Automatically convert Oracle-to-HANA with HANAcode
  • 01 Input SQL query files extracted from the Oracle DB or queried XML data in applications into HANAcode
  • 02 HANAcode converts SQL files and XML data containing SQL
  • 03 Converted SQL files can be loaded to the SAP HANA Database and available for applications linked with the SAP HANA Database
  • 04 Schema objects such as package, function, procedure, trigger, and view are also convertible

Why HANAcode?

Shortened the project duration by automatic conversion

Reduced necessary manpower to 1/3 by decreasing reliance on manual labor

Reduced costs for conversion by reducing the development time and labor costs

Enhanced efficiency of result verification and performance tuning


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software safety and security while putting
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