Personal Code InspectorDeveloper
01Support of Various Analyses
Large capacity analysis (analysis of one million lines), parallel analysis, changed portion analysis, etc.
02Offering Correction Guide
Detailed information of defects to help with the understanding of defects and a method for correcting defects
03Offering Report
Diagnosis reports for developers and statistics report for administrators in the formats of PDF, EXCEL, Word, and Hangeul
Defect Correction Guide
A correction guide for detected defects is offered, which has the presentation of good and bad code examples, an explanation of the inspection rules concerned, and the linkage of the location of the defect, the defect issue, and the correction guide.
Visualization of Multilayer
A display of call relations among package, class, and function, a visualization of the function's inside, a multilayer defect display, and multilayer defect tracking
Detailed Function Graph
Control/data flow display of the function's inside, the display of the defect in the function's inside, a tracking graph that indicates the cause of the defect, a tracking function between functions, and a quick identification of the causes of the defect
Code Analysis Dashboard
Code analysis dashboard (analysis situation), a code metric measurement (code complexity, Mgt feasibility), a display of the status of defects in the visualized package/class, and a display of call relations between visualized factors
Offered Functions
Stand-Alone System
Simultaneous diagnosis of source code security defects and quality faults
Code Browsing
Co-Browse Code Text and Graph
On the Fly
The large capacity code analysis results can be checked in real time.
Defect Tracking Graph
An analysis of intelligent source code that automatically tracks the causes of defects.