Code Quality Inspector(SAQT)CQI
01Support of Various Analyses
Large capacity analysis (analysis of one million lines), parallel analysis, changed portion analysis, etc.
02Offering Correction Guide
Detailed information of defects to help with the understanding of defects and a method for correcting defects
03Web-based UI
Offering UI (User Interface) through which the correction process and inspection results can be identified at a glance.
04Offering Report
Diagnosis reports for developers and statistics report for administrators in the formats of PDF, EXCEL, Word, and Hangeul
Main Rules of Code Quality Inspection
  • Buffer Overrun/Underrun
  • Use After Free
  • Unused Value
  • Unreachable Code
  • Incorrect Numeric Casting
  • Uninitialized Variable
  • Type Overrun/Underrun
  • Null Pointer Dereference
  • Memory Leak
  • Double Free
  • Divide by Zero
  • Return Pointer To Local
  • Null Check After Dereference
  • Mismatched Memory Management
Supported Environment
Configuration Mgt Linkage
SVN, Git, etc.
E-government, many Java frameworks, Web development-related frameworks, etc.
Plug in
Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, etc.
Linux, Windows, OS X
C/C++, C#, Java, JSP, Javascript, PHP, ASP, ASP,Net, Python, HTML, XML, SQL, iOS(Objective-C), Android(Java), etc.
Interlocking Extension
Offered Functions
Precise Semantic Analysis
Linkage analysis of value and memory
Precise analysis between procedures
Graph DB-based static analysis
Top level memory analysis
Deep and fast analysis of actual memory form
On the Fly
The large capacity code analysis results can be checked in real time.
Defect Tracking Graph
An analysis of intelligent source code that automatically tracks the causes of defects.