Automated SW Testing Tool


One-click unit testing! Much better coverage!
COYOTE is a dynamic verification tool developed to maximize user convenience. Combining symbolic testing technology with machine learning technology, this revolutionary, fully automated white box testing tool delivers an amazing experience to users.

COYOTE is a fully automated unit testing tool that completely performs the whole process of unit testing from test case creation to test execution and result review with one click. If you get introduced COYOTE, you can improve so much on a testing engineer’s productivity over 3 to 6 times and minimize testing cost and labor.


Main Features

  • The ultimate automation of unit test
  • Fully automated creation of test cases
  • Fully automated tool for embedded SW white box testing
  • Full automation by one click
  • 100% fully automated test driver code
  • 100% fully automated test stub code
  • Achieve more than 90% code coverages