Brandstory : : Beginning of safe software development,

CODEMIND is an innovative software company established by program analysis and verification experts.
Based on cutting-edge theories and professional experiences, we will lead the software analysis and verification field.

Through top-notched SW analysis technology, enjoy technology becoming magic.


CODEMIND High Technology
  • Latest symbolic
    testing technology

    • Concolic testing technology
    • Innovative code coverage
    • Automatic generation of test harness
    • Machine learning utilizing testing
    • Automatic generation of exploration strategies
    • Automation based on static analysis
  • Aggregation of
    the latest static analysis technologies

    • Applying the latest semantic analysis framework
    • The balance between accuracy and speed
    • Value and memory linkage analysis
    • Symbolic execution-based analysis
    • High-speed analysis utilizing machine learning
    • Precision analysis between procedures
  • Language processing

    • Programming language conversion
    • Compiler technology
    • Source code analysis
    • Binary code analysis
    • Semantic analysis
    • SQL language processing

Greetings : : We will be responsible for
software safety and security while putting the highest priority on customer value

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The value of software in our everyday life has been enhanced since the Fourth Industrial Revolution emerges.
Due to its enhanced value, defects in software threaten our lives and property more.

CODEMIND removes business risks due to software defects by carefully examining the codes that are the basis of software. We will do our very best to make our customers’ software safer and more reliable.

Thank You.

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